All garments are deserving of high quality care and treatment and our service consistently provides high end results to bring you the satisfactory feeling you felt the first day you wore it. Each clothing is pre-inspected for stains and are handled properly and accordingly to ensure a product you will be happy with. Quality results depend on the equipment used during the process and our facility utilizes the latest technology from Italy, Germany, and Japan. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service and yield the best results in your clothing.

Laundered Shirt

Laundered shirts are important for many businessmen and those who are dressed for that special occasion. We use American innovated washers to thoroughly and efficiently clean your garments and use state of the art pressing machinery to achieve the desired crisp clean look on each shirt.


Household linens receive the same treatment as your wardrobe. Food and dirt stains can be difficult to remove using household methods and may lead to risk in damaging. While paying attention to embroidery and other fine nuances, linens and other household items are given professional treatment carefully removing each stain while preserving the original quality.

Couture Cleaning

Special garments such as designer clothing, vintage clothing and handmade items require more intricate care and inspection. Our staff is qualified to provide the necessary care with proper equipment to retain the original quality.


Whether it is brand new shirt or your favorite dress, our experienced seamstresses are able to alter and tailor your garments to your desires and specifications.


Suede and leather garments require major care and must be handled by professionals. Garments are individually inspected and are given unique cleaning processes in order to maximize cleaning quality without damaging the clothing. After the cleaning process, the original oils must be replenished to maintain the soft and supple feel in leather and suede.


Rugs are a special decorative purchase which can bring out the vibrancy in the overall décor of your house. Oriental, Persian and designer rugs are made with high end fabric and require specialized care suited to each type. Over time, rugs gather dust and foot traffic which can lead to the fibers losing their liveliness.  Generic remedies do not fit all types of rugs and may lead to long term problems reducing the overall quality of the rug.


When your home suffers damage from water, smoke, or mold, let us restore your garments in the quickest and most convenient process.  Our multitude of garment cleaning techniques allow us to accommodate all your needs. Our process begins with a phone call, followed by an on-site consultation and evaluation. Once accessing the damage, we then move forward with the most appropriate methods to restore most clothing, drapes, blankets, rugs and other textiles.


Whether a small or large company, we can provide uniform cleaning at any schedule needs. We provide service to private corporations, food markets, schools, government institutions and others.


Restore your bag to pristine condition. Whether made with suede, leather, or fabric, all bags undergo careful and extensive cleaning by hand. Special attention is given to restoring lost colors and oils. For best results, have bags cleaned when lightly soiled.

Wedding Preservation

Preserve your wedding gown with a full professional cleaning and storage. Once cleaned, your gown is wrapped with tissue paper and placed in a display-like box. Keep your gown like it was on your special day.


Display your finest garments feeling confident your customers look their best. From mannequin attire to individual garment displays, your garments will receive high attention to detail and expert fabric care.